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Don't forget any of those CRITICAL steps when moving your RV!

Sliders move easily and "CLICK" into place, staying put even when bumped or shaken!

We can customize the TITLE and ITEMs to fit your needs! Just let us know the TITLE  you'd like under "Add your personalization". We can also provide a Word Template (available upon request) so you can create your own lists as your needs change!

Each Checklist is Custom Designed, Assembled, Tested, and Quality Inspected before we ship!

We've now incorporated rare earth magnets built-in to the top of the checklist. These magnets are internal and not exposed but are still strong enough to hold to a stainless-steel refrigerator or any other stainless-steel appliance. Please let us know in the notes if you'd prefer we NOT install magnets.

Measuring approximately 6 1/2" tall by 4" wide, our checklists are the perfect size to carry with you as you check off each item.

Designed, Created and Built EXCLUSIVELY by Wordodiy. Here are some of our UNIQUE FEATURES:
🔹 MS Word Template available (free with purchase) for creating your own custom list.
🔹 Easily replaceable Item List with a clear plastic overlay for protection.
🔹 Sliders move easily, "CLICK" into place, and won't move if tilted or shaken.
🔹 Checks and Xs are inlayed so that they can't easily scratch or wear off.
🔹 3D Printed in bio-degradable plastic (PLA). Non-toxic to pets and humans.
🔹 Each checklist comes fully assembled, tested, and quality inspected.